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Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day!!!

salam alaik..
bertemu lagi disini...anyway ak ingatkan ble ak da blik umah ak da xleh online but it appears that something strange happens when there is internet connection in ma room...hehehe..glad..dunno whos but im so thankful although the line is so poor...http://emo.huhiho.com...

esok 9 may is mother day...huhuhu...i didnt buy something special for ma mom coz i dont remember the day...what to do?????last year i bought her tudung...and this year maybe just a kiss and a wish from me...but i know without some precious and luxury gifts she will be grateful if i just remember the day..and i think we do not have to wait for mothers day if we want to show our love..everyday should be a mothers and fathers day...yeah..thats better for me...coz without them we will not be in dis world...so be thankful and loved ur parents...before its too late...
to all mothers in de world i wanna wish u all "happy mothers day"
and to my beloved mum PUAN FATIMAH DAUD...tq 4 all de sacrifices u have done,4 de loves and 4 de joy...4 being together with me through all my circumstances...i love u mak....huhuhu

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